Corporate - Small and Large Group Events

We will come to your organization and speak on a personal level. Topics can include and are not limited to: organizational skills and planning, individual and team communication, individual and team commitment, individual and team building and development, overcoming diversity, improvised plan implementation and human mind/body integration.

A great emphasis is placed on responsible decision making on a personal and team level as well as the dynamics of motivational and personal interaction. This format involves a multi-media presentation of high-altitude climbing experiences and can involve interactive activities.

Sales and Media Events

Our team member will come to your organization's trade show, sales or media event to represent your organization's support of the Expedition. We can provide equipment used on the climb as a crowd or media attention gatherer as well as an Everest Expedition Booth that highlights the Mountain, the equipment and the efforts it takes to climb the tallest peak on earth.

If we used your equipment or product(s), personal, first hand testimony of its usage can be a valuable marketing tool as well in this environment.

As a spokesperson or representative of your company, we can project the commitment you made to support one of human kind's greatest challenges that exemplifies the highest level of commitment and achievement. It truly can be a great example of what you want to convey to your employees and competitors alike.

Schools and Organizations

Our climbing experiences can bring to your class or club's meeting(s) an exciting interactive presentation that will inspire and excite a wide range of audiences. We have experience in speaking to groups from 3rd graders, scouts groups to activities clubs on topics such as individual and group achievement, environmental awareness, equipment and trip planning. For groups that are prospective adventurers, we can conduct equipment clinics and discuss trip/climbing logistics.

We also can come to your public events with a booth that highlights all the previous mentioned topics.