”"To those who are no longer easily inspired: I challenge you to sit through Rob Chang's presentation and not be completely awed at the struggles and achievements of this young man. His "journey" reaches a place that is deep in each of our souls."”Dr. Nancy Patterson, Founder and Executive Director, National Graves' Disease Foundation

“On behalf of the Genentech Clinical Operations Department, I would like to thank you again for your wonderful presentation today. I truly enjoyed it! You are an inspiration to all of us! Your sister and family has very much to be proud of. Thank you for sharing your experiences on and off the mountain in our shared journey of beating cancer. ” Jacqueline Moore, Director, Genentech

”Dear Mr. Chang. Our SIRs group enjoyed your presentation immensely. Your ability to mix climbing and compare its complexities to other life problems and experiences gives one much food for thought. Your photos are breath-taking, and when combined with your narrative and perspective, the overall impression is moving, indeed. Thank you for your inspirational words, and for what you do to highlight the need for more cancer research. ” Bob Edwards, Program Chairman

“Rob’s presentation to our 300-plus attendees was inspirational and exciting. His images, video and speaking kept the audience interested and motivated. Thanks for such a great experience!” - Arthur Andersen Corp.

“We wish you all the best with your organization and your mission. We spent time on your website yesterday and were very impressed as well as inspired.” - Synergia Learning Ventures

“Thank you for coming to Genelux and giving that very moving and inspiring presentation. I believe you can make it to the top!” - Genelux A Theragnostic Company

“Rob’s talk was informative, inspiring and motivating. Our young Marines enjoyed his manner of speaking and content. Hoooo Raah.” - United States Marine Corps

“Dear Rob, The Silicon Valley Prostate Cancer Education and Support Group wishes to express our heartfelt thanks for your presentation. We are personally very proud of the work you are doing to raise awareness of cancer in general. Your dedication and drive is doing a great deal to advance the knowledge base for all who must face this disease.” - The Silicon Valley Prostate Cancer Education and Support Group

“Dear Mr. Chang: On behalf of the Mid Peninsula Widows and Widowers Association, I wish to thank you for the excellent informative and entertaining program.  The slide show and your accompanying narrative were awe inspiring. You have climbed Mt. Everest!  Wow!  What a privelege it was to meet you!  ” -Mid Peninsula Widows and Widowers Association

“Rob's presentation is humorous, inspiring and exciting. Rob touched on the importance of school, responsibilities, and the setting and achieving of goals. His talks are so entertaining and inspirational that I also invite the parents of my students too, and they enjoy it as much as their children. ” -Cho Riordan, 6th Grade Language Arts & Reading, Bowditch Middle School Foster City, Ca.